Air Display Update Will Add HiDPI Support For New iPad

Avatron's Air Display allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as an additional monitor to your setup. The popular app will soon be seeing an update that will support the new iPad's Retina display, taking full advantage of the 2048x1536 resolution. Having such a high resolution on hand for a second or third monitor sounds good to us.

Avatron say on their blog that they've tweaked the app to better utilize codec settings and image filtering. They eventually got things working on the new iPad with good frame rates, which will also bring a nice performance boost to the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Not only that, but Avatron say that Air Display will support HiDPI mode on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. HiDPI works in a similar way to the Retina graphics found on the iPhone 4S and new iPad, creating a sharper and crisper GUI within Mac OS. HiDPI hasn't been enabled on OS X so far because there hasn't been a high resolution screen to take advantage of the increased graphics, but Air Display's support for the new iPad changes that.

The updated version of Air Display should be available shortly. Currently the developer is waiting on Apple to review the updated app before it's pushed into the App Store.

[via 9to5Mac]