Air Clicker concept gives your thumb the lens

While its not too often that a purely conceptual design shows up here in our news feed, but when it does, you know it's going to be fantastically odd – like this Air Clicker here designed by Yeon Su Kim, stripped of all the unnecessary components and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you use your hand to take the photo, no camera required! What you've got is two modules: the first fits on your thumb, the other on your forefinger, the thumb piece having an on/off button and a camera lens, the forefinger piece having tension-sensing silicon. Can you guess what comes next?

Without the relatively recent invention of the smartphone, none of this would have been possible – and indeed without the invention of several components that aren't yet a reality, neither will this concept turn into something we can actually use. As you'll quickly come to understand, the actual working nature of this device takes a back seat to what's perhaps possible in the future should things like completely transparent computer chips and wires. What we DO have here though is something I'd certainly love to try out if and when it does come to fruition in the future for the invisible photographer in all of us.

The forefinger module senses whether your finger is straight, bent, or bent with the rest of your fingers. If you bend only the one finger, the other piece of the puzzle takes a photo. If you bend several fingers, you'll begin to take a video. The thumb module has only a camera lens and an on/off button visible and is responsible for both collecting the media and transporting the resulting files to your smartphone. From there you can do whatever you want with the files as they sit on your smartphone while the Air Clicker remains free and clear.

Try not to think too hard about how impossible this is at the moment, instead imagine a world with no bulk and jump around in anticipation!

[via Yanko Design]