Air Bonsai Is A Floating Planter That Grows In Mid-Air

You may have heard of Japanese Bonsai before. These plants are typically in little planters that sit on a tablet or bench. A cool new type of Bonsai has turned up on Kickstarter that creates a floating plant base for you to put whatever you want into.

Air Bonsai includes two components- a little star and an energy base. The little star can be a ball of moss or a hand carved little star bowl made from lava stone. Whichever little star you choose, native Japanese plants aren't included.

No live plants are sold with the Air Bonsai due to quarantine on shipping live pants form Japan. The energy base comes in four designs and the little star floats 2cm above the energy base and that base has to be plugged in. The description does say that plants procured in the US will be used, so perhaps an actual plant is included.

Air Bonsai was seeking $80,000 and has raised over $144,000 at the time of writing. A pledge of $30 or more gets you a little star ball alone. An Air Bonsai basic set with the works will cost you $200 or more. A basic set with the Lava little star will cost $230 or more. There were custom sets available, but those are all gone.

SOURCE: Kickstarter