aigo P8860 MID gets internal 3G HSDPA mod: Video Demo

After the video breakdown of aigo's P8860 Mobile Internet Device showed there was plenty of space for slotting in some onboard 3.5G WWAN capabilities, it was only a matter of time until the compact touchscreen device had some HSDPA poured into it.  jkkmobile – who has already added 3G and touchscreens to a variety of ultraportables – has done just that.Video demo of the HSDPA-enabled aigo P8860 after the cut

The P8860 required not only a torn-apart Novatel modem, but a freshly soldered Mini PCI-E port and SIM slot.  The antenna also needed to be fitted in there.  It's not such a squeeze, though; there's still space for the next hack, which could either be a super-speedy USB flash memory drive or maybe a fingerprint reader.

While the aigo P8860 launched in Hong Kong had a factory-fit 3G option, the model currently on sale through the worldwide distributors seemingly does not offer it.  Considering how chunky most USB 3G modems are, integrating it inside the casing – especially if there's the space for it – makes much more sense.  Unless, that is, you prize your warranty.