Aigo F029 Digital Watch MP3 and Video Player

Since the dawn of time, the wrist is the best place to wear a watch. Sure there's the pocket watch, but get heavy on the belt, creates a big bulge in your pocket (and it's not the good bulge) or just inconvenience to pull in and out just to tell time. Then comes the wave of MP3-player watches that are watch centric, with an afterthought of playing music. The Aigo F029 is all about music and video. It features a 160x128 pixel resolution OLED color screen. It plays MP3 and WMA including DRM. The screen is really tiny to make any use of videos, but in any event it does support MPEG-4 video (Xvid/AVI). There's a headphone port, mini-USB 2.0 port for transferring files back and forth, playback and navigation control buttons located on the sides. Aigo is releasing a 512MB and 1GB version in China. The price and release date is still a mystery just like the white and color plastic band.

Press Release (More pics – in Chinese) [via]