AIG will insure your drone against damage and liability

AIG is one of the largest insurance companies in the world that writes polices to insure all manner of things for individuals and business. The company has announced that it has a new insurance product aimed directly at people who operate drones. The new product is insurance that will protect you from the financial loss associated with a damaged drone or damaging persons or property while operating your drone.

This isn't a product that you would want to buy to protect that few hundred dollar drone you and your kids play with in the backyard. However, if you are a professional videographer with a drone costing thousands and thousands of dollars, you might want to check the insurance out.

AIG will insure not only the drone, but also any equipment that the drone might be carrying. That means if your $10,000 drone carrying your $10,000 4K video camera breaks and falls from the sky, your stuff gets fixed or replaced.

It's unclear just how much the polices would cost, but considering the likelihood that an accident will happen I'd assume the polices aren't cheap. The insurance will also cover liability from damage to persons or property so if your fancy drone, carrying your fancy camera, falls on someone's head you are covered.

SOURCE: Engadget