AGENT smartwatch Kickstarter reaches backers goal

The Pebble is arguably the most popular smartwatch to come out of Kickstarter, but it certainly isn't the last, and now it has a competitor. The AGENT smartwatch is a square watch similar in appearance to the aforementioned device, and it has already reached its funding goal of $100,000, exceeding it by about 30-percent, with 29 days to go. If all goes as planned, the smartwatch will roll out in December.

To get an AGENT smartwatch, backers have to pledge $149 or more, which includes free shipping in the United States; those not located in the US will have to fork over $15 to have it shipped overseas. Those who are willing to spring for a little more at $179 will also get a wireless charger, which works with the AGENT via its Qi wireless charging support.

As such, if you already own a wireless Qi charger, you can use it with the device. Such chargers are made by a variety of companies, including Energizer, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, and more. This will let those who get the smartwatch go wire-free. That aside, other features include a variety of notifications, including alerts for incoming calls and messages. The watch is compatible with mobile handsets running Android 2.3 or higher, as well as the iPhone 4S and up, and Windows Phone 8.

Like others before it, the AGENT connects to the mobile device using Bluetooth 4.0, something that is typically of detriment to battery life. To help mitigate this issue, the smartwatch features two processors – the main one and a secondary one. When the watch isn't being used, the main processor is put into sleep mode and the smaller secondary processor is used instead, reducing battery drain. Reportedly, users will get up to seven days of battery life with Bluetooth on, and 30 days with it off.

Other specs include motion and light sensors, as well as the ability to monitor motion data via the accompanying app, meaning you'll likely find fitness-related purposes for the watch, such as having it function as a pedometer. The light sensors will be used to adjust the display as appropriate based on ambient lighting conditions. The expected price for the watch is $249 san-charger, jumping to $299 with it.

SOURCE: Android Community