Ageia Making a PCI-E PhysX Card

Benjamin Nied - Oct 3, 2006

Ageia has announced that they’re working on a PCI-Express version of their highly-lauded PhysX physics card. Freely admitting that they haven’t yet reached the limits of the current PCI version of their PhysX card, Ageia nonetheless had PCI-E x1 samples back in March, bringing about the obvious question of “why did it take so long to announce?” Ageia further revealed that the new cards will be out on October 12th, though it’s likely that the PCI version will still be available after that date. (considering that PCI ports are still more common on PCs than PCI-E x1 ports)

Ageia also announced the release of the Ageia PhysX SDK v2.6, which adds Linux and 64-bit Vista support, and a new physics benchmarking application, RealityMark. With Linux now supported in hardware, it’s possible that Mac OS X support might not be far behind. Of course, I could be getting my hopes up for better Mac gaming support, buy hey, crazier stuff has happened, right?
[via RegHardware]

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