Agama robotic vacuum cleaners suck in a good way

Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new; they've been on the market for a long time now. Most robotic vacuums look the same with a round shape that creeps around your house to vacuum the carpets without you having to bother. A company called Agama has announced two new robotic vacuum cleaners that will help you keep your home spotless and clean. The robotic vacuums include the RC530A and RC330A.

Both of these robotic vacuums are able to clean a variety of surfaces, including carpet, tile, and wood. The RC530A has an integrated cleaning schedule program that allows you to program the robotic vacuum to clean at specific times of the day. This high-end robotic vacuum cleaner is also able to return to include a recharging station automatically when it needs to charge.

The main difference between the RC530A and the RX330A is that the 330A has to be physically plugged in when it needs to charge. The manufacturer says that it has a cleaning time of up to 60 minutes per charge and when it runs out of power, it turns itself off. Both robotic vacuums have anti-touch and anti-cliff sensors.

Those sensors keep them from banging into your furniture and from falling off stairs or other drops while cleaning. Both vacuum cleaners have several cleaning options to ensure that the room is thoroughly cleaned including along the wall, spiral, and random modes. The 530A also has a zigzag cleaning pattern. Both the products are available in Canada now and will come to the US in November.