Aerobic Mouse: Another Ergonomic Mouse

If your hands are a little shaky or for that matter as quick and nimble as they used to be, it's no more an issue to be considered because while working on the computer. Designer Appliances' AirO2bic (pronounced aerobic) grip-less mouse may both prevent and remediate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), claims the company. If its really hard for you to use a regular mouse because of a physical disability, an injury, or a disease like Parkinson's or arthritis, this mouse may be the answer. It's called the Aerobic Mouse. It's made of sturdy black plastic molded into a shape that allows you to rest your hand vertically into the base. With your hand in this 'hand-shake' position, your fingers rest on the large mound in the mouse allowing your fingers to easily reach the two buttons and mouse wheel. As you move your hand the mouse moves with it. In the initial phase there may be some problems as it may feel a little awkward as the mouse is a little big, yet the mouse glides very easily on the desktop and you feel adapted to it after few uses. An optical sensor ensures the mouse's accuracy. Its priced at around $100.