Aereo online DVR TV hits Android

The extent to which Aereo brings the live television and DVR universe to the public this week has extended to reach Android. Android devices are now part of the family of machines able to partake in the Aereo subscription model, allowing users to work with internet, using TV signals broadcast over the air and seen by users in their home or around town. The Android app that allows this all to happen will be available from the Google Play app store starting on the 22nd of October – at that time a public beta will be released for Android phones and tablets running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher.

This launch also comes along with extended coverage across the United States. The Aereo universe only works in select areas inside the USA today, with a coverage map including cities likeAtlanta, Houston, New York, Miami, and Minneapolis in tune. Aereo suggests that they are "rapidly expanding" across the United States even now.

The Aereo app allows users to watch television, set up DVR recordings, and control larger devices too. Aereo works on Apple TV with AirPlay and on Roku devices for showing large video on big-screen televisions. Also supported are the web browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and a wide variety of Android devices are ready to roll now – with, again, the beta Android app coming later this month.

The app itself is free while a membership with Aereo starts at $8 USD. With that fee, a user gets 20 hours of DVR storage, while an extra $4 gets a total of 60 hours of DVR storage. You'll find Aereo to be part of a furious collection of expansion and legal battle articles in our Aereo tag portal as well as the Aereo archive below – never underestimate the power of a disruptor! Especially when they attempt to disrupt the cable TV industry!