Aereo announces service expansion, now covers 29 counties and 19 million people

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 25, 2013
Aereo announces service expansion, now covers 29 counties and 19 million people

Aereo has announced that it has expanded its cloud DVR TV service, now offering it in its designated market area (New York City metro region), as well 29 counties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. This brings the total number of individuals with access to the service to 19 million. For those interested, plans can be as cheap as $1 per day.

Aereo offers a rather unique and exciting service, which provides users with access to live TV over broadband, no set-top box or cable subscription required. Users in the supported areas can subscribe to the service for $8 per month, $80 per year, or $1 per day, depending on needs. Users can get access to some major networks, such as NBC and CBS, as well as a local channels like NYC Life and children’s stations like Qubo.

Because the content is delivered over the Internet, it can be enjoyed on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and supports Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Apple TV, and Roku boxes. The company is rolling out the service to 22 other cities across the country, as well, including Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and more.

In addition to announcing its service expansion, Aereo has also launched its first advertisement campaign. Those in the supported area will begin to see advertisements for the service across their city and neighborhood, including on billboards, over waterways, on commuter trains and in phone kiosks.

[via Aereo]

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