Aeeeris Eee PC UMPC faceplate for touchscreen mods

We've seen Tablet PC mods of netbooks before, but Aeeeris are making the conversion even easier with their new faceplate for the 700-series ASUS Eee PC.  With it, turning your clamshell netbook into a touchscreen slate-style UMPC is even more straightforward; Aeeeris claim it can be done in just 30 minutes. 

The faceplate itself does not include the touchscreen panel – the company presumes that many people interested have already fitted one to their netbook – but they're already available from multiple vendors and on eBay.  What you do get is the result of three months design tweaking, with gaps for the touchscreen controller, LCD controller and speakers.

Aeeeris are selling the faceplate for $59.99; they also provide links to suitable software for running your netbook without a keyboard.  Currently it's available for the 7-inch 700, 701, 701SD and 702 models.  The touchscreen layers can be found for around $40.

[via Tablet PC Talk]