Advanced Sound Devices Retro Tune Mini Jukebox

James Allan Brady - Aug 31, 2007

That’s a long name, but this thing does a lot. Not only does it maintain the retro look of an old jukebox, but cranks out tunes from several devices.

First, there is the iPod/iPhone dock, which can be controlled from the unit itself or some functions can be controlled via the remote. Then there is also the CD player and FM radio. It cranks out tunes from all those devices through a 2.1 speaker setup featuring a whopping 40 watts of power.

There is also an alarm function that allows you to wake up to your favorite tunes from your iPod. There is also a rotating light column, and hopefully a switch to turn the lights off, else the alarm function will be useless because you’ll still be awake. No price or availability at the moment.

Retro IPod Speakers by Advanced Sound Devices [via bornrich]

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