Adobe's shut down due to breach

Adobe has stated that its user forum was breached, prompting the company to shut down its website. The Connect conferencing service itself was not compromised, nor were any of Adobe's other websites. The hacker claimed to have gotten ahold of 150,000 log in credentials from customers and partners.

The discovery was made after a hacker named ViruS_HimA posted a claim online that he had the log in info for 150,000 users. The attack was performed to make a point about Adobe's slow process of correcting security issues, according to the hacker, who claims to be from Egypt. Out of the alleged compromised credentials, 664 records were released, which included emails.

In addition to the Adobe breach, the same hacker has threatened to publish stolen data from Yahoo, which declined comment. For Adobe's part, the company will be resetting about 150,000 passwords on, which accounts for most of its user base. In addition, Adobe's Senior Manager of Corporate Communications Wiebke Lips offered a statement.

"As soon as we became aware of the hacker's post, we launched our investigation, which led us to determine that the hacker appears to have compromised the forum site. We are in the process of resetting the passwords of impacted forum members and will reach out to those members with instructions on how to set up new passwords once the forum services are restored." As of now, the website is still offline.

[via Reuters]