Adobe shows off HLS streaming video on iPad, we still want native Flash

I'd like to go on record saying that one of the only things from Adobe that interests me in the slightest is Flash for my iPad. Get to work on that, thanks. Adobe and Apple still have no agreement for support of Flash content on the iPad, but Adobe is touting its new streaming of Adobe Flash Media Server across multiple devices like the iPad 2, Samsung TVs, the Motorola Xoom and the Atrix smartphone.

Adobe announced last year that it was supporting HTTP Dynamic Streaming on the Adobe Flash Platform. Adobe has added support for another format to the offerings. Adobe is now supporting HTTP Live Streaming or HLS. HLS is a MPEG2 transport streaming container that can be used by devices like the iPad 2. With support for HLS within the Flash Media Server Adobe has reduced the complexity for broadcasters looking to reach HTML5 supporting browser like users of the Safar browser on Apple gear.

The HLS support also allows the support of any platform where Flash is not installed. When Flash is installed, the system will steam the video using F4F over HTTP. The Flash Media Server with new support is being shown off at NAB right now.

[via Adobe]