Adobe Photoshop image deblur tool blows minds [Video]

Adobe has demonstrated a photo deblurring tool that can analyze exactly how a shaky camera was held and then correct that in an image, even making tiny text legible. Tipped for inclusion in a future version of Photoshop, and demo'd at Adobe MAX 2011 last week, the tool was caught on camera by Peter Elst as it wowed developers.

The system creates a motion trajectory of the camera for the time that the shutter was open, analyzing the exact movements involved. From that – and some other unspecified parameters loaded in the background, which we're guessing will play a pretty significant role as well – the app can backtrack through the blurring and create a sharper, corrected copy.

The system doesn't need to work from the original RAW file from your camera, and is shown fixing a low-res image pulled from online. As for when we might expected to see the tool show up in Photoshop, sneak peeks like these "may or may not appear in a future version, we won't commit to timing" an Adobe exec confirmed at the show.

[via PetaPixel]