Adobe patches Creative Cloud bug that was deleting Mac data

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 15, 2016, 12:12pm CST
Adobe patches Creative Cloud bug that was deleting Mac data

Over the weekend, a very nasty bug hit the Mac version of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Bugs that cause constant app crashes are annoying, and can drive a person mad after a while. However, when your software starts deleting files that you’ve spent minutes or even hours crafting, it’s a serious issue. And that’s exactly what started happening to users.

If you haven’t heard, update for the Mac version of Adobe CC was recently released, and after installing it and logging into the Creative Cloud, you’d find that the contents of the first folder listed in your root directory would be gone. By “gone” I really do mean it. Unless you’ve got a local backup, those files are gone forever. In some cases, due to the way folders are named, the first one listed might even have critical system files, which could cause issues far beyond just losing your hard work.

Thankfully, Adobe responded fairly quickly by pulling the original update that caused the issue. More recently, the company has released a new update to replace the one that was pulled. The update should remedy the issues for those who had installed the troublesome one, and allow them to safely login to the Creative Cloud without having files in that first folder deleted.

If you’ve been scared off from the automatic updates from Adobe for the time being, you can also go ahead and download the update directly, here.

VIA: Adobe

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