Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Air 2.7 available for BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has announced that yesterday some update plug-ins for the BlackBerry PlayBook landed from Adobe. The plug-ins are for Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Adobe AIR 2.7. The updates allow apps to work across multiple devices and make it easier for devs to build apps that will run on all sorts of devices. AIR 2.7 supports lets devs access all that Air has to offer with support for Flex and ActionScript.

The PlayBooks needs the OTA update to support the new version of Air 2.7 and the update is available right now and includes the 10.3 version of Flash Player. The new Flash Builder plug-ins are also geared towards making it easier to develop for the PlayBook. Developers haven't exactly flocked to the PlayBook so every little bit of work reduction will help lure those devs.

Devs can download the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe Air from the BlackBerry Dev zone and the SDK needs AIR 2.6 or higher. The SDK needs AIR 2.6 or new 2.7 update to operate, which means you also need the OTA update for the PlayBook I mentioned before.

[via Adobe]