Adobe fix: If you've got Flash, you've got a problem

Today the folks behind Adobe software safety revealed a fix for a flaw for Flash. You might not use Flash actively – you might not even realize it's on your computer (desktop computer, that is,) but there it might very well be. Good news for Apple computer users is this bit of malware seems to be relegated to Windows. Maybe. Very likely, but not certainly.

Adobe's reveal of this update should have come automatically to most computers running Flash in any number of odd places. The advisory can be found over at Adobe security bulletin where they number it Bulletin ID APSB18-19. They said this week that there's an exploit for the software CVE-2018-5002 in Flash, and they've tagged this vulnerability PRIORITY 1! That means very important, topmost important, the most possible important of all.

Security updates were sent to Adobe Flash Player for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. The flaw doesn't necessarily target all of those systems, but the update's coming JUST in case. "These updates address critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions," said Adobe. "Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user."

In short, when you get an email with a certain attachment, and open said attachment, the code... takes over your Office documents. Or something along those lines. The exact wording from Adobe is: "these attacks leverage Office documents with embedded malicious Flash Player content distributed via email." Another bit of good news is that this exploit has only been used in "limited, targeted attacks against Windows users" so far.

To fix this all up, accept the Adobe Flash update blasted directly at your face whenever it happens to pop up on your computer. Though, if you're not certain the update is straight from Adobe, you might want to head to Adobe proper to make sure you're getting what you need. Click or tap that link in the paragraph above marked Adobe security bulletin and follow the links to the update you need, as soon as possible!