Adobe Creative Cloud offers CS6, Lightroom 4, 20GB storage for $50/month

Adobe has announced the pricing for its new Creative Cloud service that lets you use the company's popular Creative Suite software via the cloud and makes it easy to sync and share content. The service was first announced last October and now it has been priced at $50 per month with a one-year contract.

The Creative Cloud offers access to the latest version of Creative Suite software, Lightroom 4, Muse, Edge, touch applications, and 20GB of cloud storage. Although $50 a month seems steep, it may still be more desirable to some than purchasing the full license for the Creative Suite, which runs between $1,300 and $2,600.

An advantage to using the Creative Cloud is that you will get the latest software updates right away, which may appeal to high-end users that tend to be early adopters. The 20GB of cloud storage plus syncing and sharing options also offer advantages over the traditional software route.

The shift towards the cloud-based platform will help Adobe curb the piracy issues it faces with its top-tier software. Adobe plans to sell a more secure version of the Creative Cloud to business users for $70 per month.

[via Wired]