Adobe Creative Cloud apps will soon support live-streaming

Adobe Creative Cloud applications will soon support live-streaming, according to the company, enabling users to share their creations with fans in real-time. The announcement was made during the company's' MAX 2019 conference, during which Adobe also introduced its Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad products. In addition to making it easier for users to connect with fans, the built-in functionality could also open the door to educational opportunities.

Sharing videos of one's artistic work is nothing new — people have been shared real-time and high-speed versions of drawing and painting videos for as long as YouTube has existed. The improvements in technology over the years have opened the door to live broadcasting, making it possible for creatives to share their work as it takes place.

Adobe aims to eliminate the need for third-party streaming tools, instead baking the ability to share one's work in the company's products in real-time as a built-in feature. Sharing these videos in real-time will enable viewers to watch a drawing or painting come together as the artist creates it.

In addition, this live-streaming capability could enable professionals to more easily engage with students or others who are interested in seeing the entire process, including the types of mistakes one may make during their work and how they correct them.

According to The Verge, a beta version of the streaming feature is currently available to a select group of Adobe Fresco users. Testers with access to the feature can take their session live and share a link for others to access. It's unclear when Adobe plans to make the feature available to all of its users and which Creative Cloud products will get it first.