Adobe announces Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS smartphones

It has taken quite awhile, but Adobe has finally released a Photoshop app for smartphones called Photoshop Touch. Available for both Android handsets and the iPhone, Photoshop Touch provides image editing tools "almost identical" to those found on the version for that has been available for tablets, making it easy to adjust and filter photographs from the comfort of your smartphone. Users can grab the app now from Google Play and the App Store for $4.99.

Some of the best Photoshop features users expect are available in Photoshop Touch, including layers, adjustments, and filters. There are selection tools for selecting items and facilitating better editing, as well as tools that are available only on the smartphone version of the app, such as Scribble Selection for accurate selections made using one's finger, and Camera Fill, which blends the camera feed and layers.

Filters include the same variety found on the tablet version of the Photoshop app, such as Acrylic Paint, as well as a new filter exclusive to Touch called Ripple. The application is completely connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud, making it easy to access and edit a project over multiple devices. For example, a project started on your smartphone via Photoshop Touch can be accessed and edited via your tablet if you need a bigger screen, and later on via the desktop version of Photoshop on your computer when larger edits are needed.

Adobe Creative Cloud is free for customers to subscribe to, with syncing across devices also being provided for free. The app is available for Android users running version 4.0 and higher, and for iPhone users running iOS 6.0 or later; it is compatible with the iPhone 4S and 5 (optimized), as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch. The Android version is 20MB in size, while the iOS version is 32.2MB.

[via Adobe]