Adobe And HP Show Off Slate, Flash and AIR Take Limelight

There's another tablet set to launch here soon on the market, but that doesn't mean you should take your eyes off the competition just yet. With videos like this one after the break, we're pleasantly surprised by what HP, Microsoft, and Adobe have worked together to create. Now, if the HP Slate can function as well as these videos showcase, our anticipation for this gadget will increase ten-fold. Plus, we love crossword puzzles.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking at the Slate from HP, is that the majority of specifications are still a mystery. While we can make a bunch of assumptions about what's powering the tablet device, until there is any kind of official summary, that's all they'd be: assumptions. It is running the full version of Windows 7, so that has a lot of people warming to the device, but also has the same amount of people running in the opposite direction. We understand that Flash Player empowers about 75% of the video we see every day on the Internet, but this video does indeed feel like a direct stab at Apple. HP/Adobe/Microsoft: "Look what we can do!"

In any event, it looks like Microsoft is starting to see that marketing their products, especially the ones that may not be as popular as some others, may be a good thing. The HP ad that's posted below is one that makes the Slate look like a real competitor to the iPad, but there are some out there that may think it just makes the Apple-based tablet look better. Personal preference, we imagine. So, what's yours? Are you awaiting the Slate? Or are your eyes looking at something else?

[via Engadget]