Adidas 'smart uniforms' to be used in MLS All-Star Game

If you happen to catch the Major League Soccer All-Star Game on July 25, take an extra close look at the players' uniforms. If you don't notice anything different, your eyes will be deceiving you because those uniforms will contain technology that's never been used in a professional soccer game before. It will be the MLS unveiling of Adidas's new miCoach system, which tracks player performance in real time.

That data can be instantly analyzed by coaches to determine if any players are having problems, and also to study trends to make adjustments to player instructions. Adidas calls it a "professional soccer team tracking system" and it provides everything from player speed, acceleration, GPS-based location tracking to see who's covered the most distance, and more indeterminate factors like intensity of play.

In a statement, the company said it is "finding ways to use these innovations to create more immersive sporting environments and experiences that will revolutionize the way we view sports and engage and excite fans." It is keeping more details about the miCoach technology under wraps until the big game. The All-Star matchup will be against the English Premier League team Chelsea and will take place in Pennsylvania on July 25.

[via Wired]