Adidas running shoe prototype is made from ocean trash

Trash floating around the ocean is a big problem, one that Adidas has tackled by developing a running shoe made from it. The shoe is made mostly of material that was harvested from plastics and fishing nets floating around the ocean, and is a concept creation to show a more sustainable way the company — and others like it — could help solve our oceans' trash problem: by reclaiming the garbage for good use. The concept was made in partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

Parley for the Oceans facilitates a joint effort toward raising awareness of the state of the oceans and developing ways to both combat the current conditions and conserve them in the long run. Adidas is a founding member, and works specifically with Parley's Ocean Plastic Program for stopping plastics pollution.

The result is the shoe you see above — it has a nice nautical color and was, says Adidas, made mostly of filaments and yarns from ocean trash and the deep-sea gill nets from illegal fishing operations. Sea Shepherd, a partner with Parley, collected the nets specifically over 110 days while tracking an illegal fishing ship.

You can't get a pair of these shoes just yet, but Adidas teases that you'll have some options later on this year. Namely it says the shoe concept shows a "first look" at the products made from ocean plastics that will be introduced for the general consumer public some time later on in 2015.

VIA: Huffington Post