Adidas Halo kicks help you re-up your shoe game and add to your gamer cred at the same time

James Allan Brady - Feb 6, 2008

Are you a hardcore Halo fan? Maybe you just like shoes a lot and seem them as a sort of art form? Regardless, Adidas has something both crowds will like, a limited edition run of Halo, that’s right, the video game, shoes.

They are making 100 pairs of them, no word on size. They appear to be primarily made of black leather then some sort of canvas type material that has silhouettes of the various guns from the game printed on it.

Other than that there are blue accents including blue Adidas logos and the sole is blue with a black or grey “Halo” written on them. If you want a pair, they are $110, I’d love a pair, and I’d pay that for them, but they chances of them making a pair in size 15 is pretty slim.

[via geekologie]

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