Adidas ALL DAY fitness app takes athletes through a full day

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 29, 2017, 6:23pm CDT
Adidas ALL DAY fitness app takes athletes through a full day

Adidas has introduced its new ALL DAY fitness app designed to motivate athletes and fitness enthusiasts throughout the entire day, staying relevant morning through night. The app focuses on four core categories that Adidas says drives performance and wellbeing among athletes: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset, and Rest. When the app launches, it’ll include things like workouts from well-known trainers, diet tips from chefs, and more.

Most fitness apps target something specific — they offer bodyweight workouts, for example, or they track strength training sessions. Some are more general, allowing users to enter a set array of metrics every day like diet, heart rate, and activity level. Adidas’ ALL DAY app is somewhat like the latter app type, only it seems to focus more on the instructional and guidance aspects of health and fitness.

The ‘Mindset’ aspect, for example, seems to be some type of guided meditation feature for winding down in the evening. The app also offers cooking tips from chefs and nutritional advice, access to workouts from leading trainers like Stephen Cheuk, and more. Adidas calls these ‘Discoveries,’ and says there will be a dozen of them available when the app launches.

The app isn’t available yet, but those who are interested can sign up now to get access before the public launch later on this summer. Only a limited number of people will be given access to the closed beta; when the app arrives for everyone, it’ll be available for both Android and iOS.

SOURCE: Adidas

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