Adidas 3D CMPT limited-edition sunglasses are made with 3D printing

Adidas has introduced a new limited-edition pair of sunglasses made using additive manufacturing, the industry's fancy term for 3D printing. The sunglasses have a unique woven appearance and, as you may have guessed given how they were manufactured, they can't be folded. Only 150 units of these sunglasses will be made available, but only certain people will be allowed to buy them.

The new sunglasses are called the Adidas 3D CMPT, and they're made of flexible nylon material coated with a rubber-like substance. The lenses are made from a brown-based polycarbonate with a mirror coating finish. Rounding out the model are non-slip elements on the ends of the arms and the nosepiece to keep the sunglasses from slipping while in use.

The 3D CMPT sunglasses have a unique appearance that is often associated with an item made using 3D printing technology. Unlike a pair of sunglasses frames you may print at home, however, this is a fully functional pair of sunglasses that can be used during your next hike or while out on a sunny day.

The 3D CMPT was made in collaboration with Marcolin Group, a Milan-based manufacturer that teamed up with Adidas back in 2019. The 3D-printed sunglasses feature the Adidas logo on the arm. Ultimately, the sunglasses have a utilitarian, shield-style appearance that may make them unappealing as an everyday accessory, but that also makes them stand out from the crowd.

Assuming you're in the US, UK, or Europe, you'll be able to grab a pair of these limited-edition sunglasses for a fairly substantial $415 USD. There is a catch, however, which is that you'll need to be part of the Adidas Creator Club in order to purchase a unit when the sunglasses become available on August 23.