Add some extra thump (and weight) to your DS

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 1, 2008

I carry my Nintendo DS almost everywhere with me. Seriously, when I leave the house there are three things I always grab: my wallet, phone and DS. With that said, I like the fact that it is both light and slim, as it fits quite easily in my pocket. Sure, I’ve got larger coat pockets in the winter, but I still like to keep the weight down to a minimum. That’s why I don’t really get this latest attachment for the portable console.

It seems someone had decided that the speakers on the DS Lite just aren’t that great. Personally I think that they are nuts (or hard of hearing) as I’ve never had any complaints with the sound quality. This behemoth of an accessory will add a little more thump to your sound, and even provide you with a stand so you need not bother holding it (presumably because your hands will get tired from the excess bulk).

If you’re worried about this extra sound draining your DS battery, fear not, as it will draw its juice from a trifecta of AAA batteries. This gargantuan accessory will set you back $30.

[via CrunchGear]

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