Adapx Digital Pen makes more of your notes

Brenda Barron - Sep 9, 2008
Adapx Digital Pen makes more of your notes

Digital pens might seem like frivolous gadgets and though some in the past have never really left the gizmo market, the Adapx digital pen has the real potential to be useful in a real world sort of way. In fact, the device is intended to interact with other software, specifically, Excel.

The idea here is that you can write out notes with ink on a piece of paper, but your pen strokes are electronically captured. This way, they can be transferred over to Microsoft Excel. Adapx already has a digital pen meant to work with Microsoft’s OneNote. However, this pen adds one feature not seen yet in digital pens–audio.

You can take audio notes with this pen as well. You can play them back straight from the pen or through your computer, whichever you choose. You can even select one point in your written notes and your audio notes that were captured at that time will play. Digital pens might not be that popular, but this one has real appeal for students and journalists alike.

[via CNET News]

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