Adaptxt might be the iOS 8 keyboard you’re looking for

Nate Swanner - Sep 26, 2014, 2:45 pm CDT
Adaptxt might be the iOS 8 keyboard you’re looking for

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new iPhone keyboard, this one might be your best bet. Adaptxt is now available for iOS, and brings with it just about everything you’d want in a keyboard. Not only do you get a good keyboard, you can swipe, and customize it in a deeper way than any other keyboard around.

Adaptxt lets you both type and swipe to enter text, with both giving great results. Their swipe feature isn’t quite as slick as some others, as the trailing line is a bit too accurate. We prefer the shooting-star of SwiftKey, but it works just fine.

The cool part of Adaptxt is how deep you can customize it. There are dictionaries you can load for particular purposes, which is handy for professionals. Legal, Medical, Entertainment, and others are available for free in the app. that takes care of those autocorrect annoyances you might have when discussing simple work-related topics.

You can also customize shortcuts, which take the swipe-to-type into account. By selecting which letter you’d like to drag to from the “123” key, a custom message will populate. Then you can simply swipe to send a quick message, like “don’t bother me, I’m deep in thought about honey badgers” or “Stop bothering me, I’m reading SlashGear right now!”.

It also holds an aesthetic similarity to the stock iOS keyboard, so if you were looking for added functionality without a radical new look, give Adaptxt a shot. I’ve been hard on iOS 8 keyboards, but Adaptxt is actually really nice.

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