Activision partners with Logitech to create premium Guitar Hero instruments

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 1, 2008

We already know that companies like MadCatz is going to be crafting special “Pro” instruments for Rock Band, but what about Guitar Hero: World Tour? Sure, the instruments are going to be compatible, but surely we’ll be seeing some branded “Pro” Guitar Hero drums and guitars, right? Yes, of course we will, and they’ll be stamped with the Logitech name as well.

Activision has decided to team up with peripheral maker Logitech to bring us a line of “premium” instruments for Guitar Hero IV. Though no details have been announced, we can only imagine that we’ll be seeing huge drum kits, full size guitars and some kind of fancy mic.

What is interesting is that Logitech considers this move to be similar to when they got into the plastic steering wheel business for Gran Turismo. The only question is whether or not there will be good enough reasons to pony up the extra dough for the premium controllers.

[via Joystiq]

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