Activision Offering Refunds To Guitar Hero Wii Owners

Remember last week when I mentioned that Activision was having horrible turnaround time with the Guitar Hero III: Legends of rock discs for the Wii? Well apparently the turnaround time was so bad that they are adding a refund to the list of solutions for the sound issues found with the original discs.

If you recall, the first batch of Guitar Hero III discs for the Wii only include stereo sound, as opposed the Dolby digital surround sound found on the other consoles. Reports have shown that Activision is taking 3-4 weeks to get new discs out to users. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to send them your old disc before they'll send you a new one. Here's the full details on the refund.

Guitar Hero® III Wii Refund

We are committed to providing our customers with quality game experiences and apologize for any audio output issues you may have experienced with the Wii version of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock. Activision has worked with Nintendo to re-master the game and provide a replacement disc to consumers with Dolby digital surround sound and other consumers experiencing audio issues. If you wish to receive a full refund on your purchase price instead of a replacement disc, please click here and download the refund form, which outlines our refund requirements.

However, if you wish to receive a replacement disc for the Wii version of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock instead of a refund, please click here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your continued support and patience.

It's good to see that Activision has taken notice of the issue and is offering an alternative. Unfortunately it's really not going to help those that are stuck waiting, but it's certainly a good effort on their part.