Activision DJ Hero turntable controller now available without game

Back in December 2009 we mentioned that the DJ Hero controller was available separately. Apparently that was delayed because Activision has announced this week that the controller is just now available stand-alone in the US. The availability of a second controller lets users play some interesting two-player modes without having to have a pal schlep over their controller.

Activision also says that the first 100,000 fans to purchase the stand-alone controller get an exclusive Shepard Fairey poster. I don't even know who that is; does that mean I am getting old? Activision is also offering up some cool dual player modes along with the stand-alone controller.

Players can have DJ-to-DJ battles using the two controllers. You can also throw in a mic for some emcee action. The most interesting of the dual player modes are new exclusive DJ and guitar mixes when you connect a Guitar Hero controller. The standalone DJ Hero controller is on Amazon right now for $59.99.