Activision discusses Call of Duty's future

Activision and Bungee have revealed the details of its upcoming "shared-world shooter", Destiny, that is anticipated to shake up the online gaming industry when it launches. The game has a 10-year publishing deal with Activision, and will be released in a series of 10 "books". However, with all of the hype centering around Destiny, we can't forget about Activision's other successful online shooter, Call of Duty. Eric Hirshberg, Activision's CEO, had an interview with Digital Trends and comments on the FPS juggernaut's future.

When asked about the extended longevity the COD games now have, Hirshberg doesn't seem too scared of possible profit depletion. He says that the game has found the right supply and demand for new content for the Call of Duty community. Players are able to play the same game for longer times, and Activision and Treyarch are able to keep their profits up and keep players hooked by selling DLC packs.

Commenting on whether or not Call of Duty will ever be made into a movie, Hirshberg stated that Activision has been approached several times by a variety of companies to turn Call of Duty into a movie. Activision's primary business, however, is making games and they don't want to jeopardize that in the "pursuit of making movies". Hirshberg did hint that if they do dabble in movies, "it's going to be with the right partners, and at the right time, and for the right reason."

Hirshberg also commented on their big investment in the free-to-play gaming space. Activision released Call of Duty free-to-play in China, which drew in "tens of millions" of gamers to its gaming franchise. He says that the free-to-play space is something the company is doing on a "case by case basis" and they're still learning more about it. Hirshberg says that they will implement more free-to-play investments "where we think it's appropriate".

[via Digital Trends]