Active Media Products SATA Disk-on-Modules are first to hit 64GB

Sometimes in an enterprise setting a server or other computer only needs a small amount of storage and that storage needs to be fast and compact to fit into a small enclosure. Active Media Products has just announced that it has new Disk-on-Modules specifically for the enterprise market.

The modules are very small and plug into the SATA port on any mainboard. AMP says that it is the first company to offer the 64GB modules for sale and that they are shipping to OEMs for about $259 right now. The modules use 7-pin SATA header that will work with almost any mainboard and they come in Type-1 and Type-2 styles.

The only difference in the two styles is that the Type-1 has a left side connector and the Type-2 has a right side connector. The sequential read speed is up to 100MB/s and the sequential write is up to 42MB/s. The DOMs measure 2.2" x 1.3" and use MLC flash, ECC, wear leveling, and bad block management.