Active Media Products offers eSATA/USB flash drive

Active Media Products has a full line of storage devices and SSDs that use solid state storage. Some of the devices are flash drives and others are SSDs designed to be used inside computers. Active Media Products has unveiled a new flash drive that is designed to work on both eSATA and USB equipped machines.

The new flash drive offers an eSATA connector on one end and a mini USB 2.0 port on the other. The flash drive looks virtually identical to the OCZ Throttle that we talked about way back in 2008. The drive can be connected to a computer with only the USB port.

If the machine has an eSATA port, data transfer is much faster. When used as an eSATA drive the device has to be connected to a USB port for power. The mini USB port means when you use the drive with a USB port you need the included cable to use it. The drive will be offered in 16GB or 32GB with prices of $69.95 and $109.95 respectively.