Active Crystals - USB drives and earbud covered in Swarovski crystals

If you simply must have something else covered in Swarovski crystals to go with your Pirate Watch, then you might check out the offspring of Phillips and Swarovski's partnership.

Their new line is called Active Crystals, and they feature a few different things ranging from earbuds to USB drives. As with anything that involves Swarovski crystals, they all look a bit over-the-top. I'm sure there are people out there that are just dying to see the latest thing coated in these crystals, so these are just for you.

To me they don't look like anything special, and if I'm going to buy a flash drive for $179 for a flash drive, it had better have more than 1GB of storage space, or at least be able to stand up against a nuclear holocaust.

Philips, Swarovski put the flash in flash drive [via crave]