Actev’s Arrow Smart-Kart: the first kids’ electric go-kart

JC Torres - Feb 11, 2016
Actev’s Arrow Smart-Kart: the first kids’ electric go-kart

Actev Motors is a company founded in 2014 by race car drivers and enthusiasts and technology leaders. Their first product is, however, something you might not immediately expect from its roster: a kid’s toy. But don’t let that categorization fool you. The Arrow Smart-Kart is no simple ride-on car for kids. It brings together Actev’s expertise in racing as well as the latest smartphone technologies to deliver an electric and smart go-kart that will please both children as well as their parents, the latter thanks to safety features.

Those safety features come via the Arrow app, available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The app allows parents and guardians to set limits to the kart’s capabilities, like limiting the speed, which could go at 12 mph max, setting safe zones, receive alerts for inactivity, and even an emergency stop button for halting the Arrow smart-kart.


The app isn’t for parents only, mind you. The kids get to use it too. They can see their total driving time, distance and maximum speeds. But even more fun, they download synthesized engine sounds to give their smart-kart a more personal and also more authentic racing personality.

The Arrow smart-kart hosts its own Wi-Fi in order to connect with the app. Almost like a sophisticated smart car, there is also collision avoidance sensors that will automatically stop the kart if an obstacle is detected. Actev Motors CEO Dave Bell says that Arrow was designed to get kids off the couch, outside, and driving for real. Not using a game controller.

That activity, however, will cost you $600. Pre-orders have started now and shipping is expected some time in Summer. That’s for the Arrow Smart-Kart alone, mind you. The company envisions setting up a market of accessories and addons to augment the driving experience, like custom body kits, an F1 inspired steering wheel, and distance-sensing smart cones, just to name a few.

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