ACP-EP's SnowDrive USB Key reminds you of a snowboard!

The SnowDrive USB Flash Drive by ACP-EP is shaped like a mini-snowboard, and opens up to become a USB 2.0 drive. The graphics on the skateboard mimic skateboards used/made by real professionals. This was accomplished by alliances with various companies that deal with skateboards and their designs.

You can get an "Eddie Wall 1GB" drive, a "Recon 512MB" drive, or a Recon drive with 2 Gigs. A neckstrap is included, along with a 2 year warranty (pretty long for a USB key). This is for the true snowboarder who loves computers!

I myself don't snowboard, nor do I use USB keys often, so I don't think I will find myself paying a premium for a USB key like this. I do, however, like that ACP-EP did not compromise features for design, as the drive is USB 2.0 as noted above, and it works on Windows software and Mac software.

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