ACME Installer video shows dual-boot Android/WebOS install simplicity

Back in August, we got our first look at a dual boot of the HP TouchPad with Android and WebOS when the video surfaced of Cyanogenmod in action. If you watched that video of the first boot, you may have wondered how hard it would be to install the Cyanogenmod onto your own HP TouchPad. A new video has surfaced showing an early build of the Cyanogenmod installer for the TouchPad called ACME installer. Looking at the video it seems that actually installing Android and dual booting it with WebOS won't be that difficult at all.

The video shows an early build of the ACME Installer and the HP TouchPad being used. The first thing the installer does is mount the TouchPad to a Mac using USB. Then he makes a folder on the TouchPad called cminstall and copies the file to the folder. The install of the mod requires the novacom program to run the zip file that has the payload in it.

After a short little while, the installation is done and you can then boot into Android on the tablet and then go back to WebOS whenever you want. There will be step-by-step instructions when the installer is ready to go alpha. The person on the video notes that the demo isn't an indication that the software needed for this mod will hit alpha soon. Check the video out below.

[via Android Community]