Acer's Is Media Sharing Made Easy

Acer's press event today started with hardware, and ended with software. Throughout their announcements this morning, the company made sure to focus on the fact that interactivity between their devices was paramount. They wanted to feature the same User Interface, the same elements, amongst their devices, no matter the software powering it, or the hardware owners would be using. To help that, sharing media is a must, and so the company has created a new way to share your media, all in hopes of making it easier, more streamlined, with a focus on multi-platform. It's called

Acer's focus is to make media sharing easy, when it comes to Acer believes that it is easier to share media if the media is all in one location, based on the same interface and linked to one system. And, most importantly, they have to be able to be shared in real-time. is meant to work with multi-format media, and be able to stream it on multi-platform devices. They intend to make it this simple: if you're device is connected to your WiFi network, you should be able to stream the media you want to stream. will automatically detect devices that are connected to the network, and from there you'll be able to start the streaming. Not only that, but you'll also be able to share/upload images from the network to social networking sites like Flickr, and Facebook. YouTube is also included in there, too. In concept, the idea is great, but it will only be when customers start using it, that we'll be able to find out how well Acer has made media streaming easier.