Acer wearables may open a new door with smart jewelry

We begin this week with Acer's continued relatively secretive development of a future set of wearable devices. While we understood partway through last year that Acer would, indeed, be moving toward the wearable ream with smart electronics, it was only this month that we truly began to see how far the company would be willing to go. Today's suggestion is that they wont even necessarily be working with the early mainstays of the wearables arena: glasses or watches.

Word comes from the CNA-quoting Focus Taiwan where their anonymous source – appearing, but not confirmed to be placed within Acer itself – says that smartwatches and smart glasses "are not the only options" for the company. Instead, though they've not finalized their decision a final product – so it's said – they'll be bringing this product to the public no sooner than the second half of the year.

Making clear that Acer will release a "distinctive product", this source suggests that they "will not launch it in a hurry during the first quarter."

It should be quite obvious at this point that, barring any announcement made by Acer in the immediate future, they've got an idea of what they'll be executing, but the final product is far from production-level readiness at this point. Focus Taiwan also suggests that the device Acer is making may "take the form of a necklace with body temperature sensors" that would also – perhaps – be able to work independently or paired with smartphones.

That bit takes an even greater step away from the usual "anonymous source says this or that" model as they do not directly quote their source as such. Chalk it up to a possibility and we'll see who launches a smart necklace first this year – it's out there in the hive mind, now we've just to wait.