Acer TravelMate Spin B3 student laptop is designed for classrooms

Acer's latest laptop is a spin on its TravelMate branding and it's built specifically with students in mind. The Acer TravelMate Spin B3 is a new convertible laptop and Acer says it features military-grade durability. That should make it strong enough to withstand any bumps and bruises it might pick up in a student's backpack or just from normal use.

The laptop also comes with a full HD webcam, which should give students clear video when taking part in online learning courses. This is especially important as a lot of students are still using online learning as a large part of their school experience. The device also supports Wi-Fi 6, which should give students an easy and reliable way to connect to the internet whether at home or on their school campus. Acer says the device is built specifically for classrooms, and its touchscreen will allow users to interact with it directly using their fingers or a stylus.

Making laptops easier to connect and work with is important, especially when designing them for younger audiences, so it's good to see Acer pushing into that a bit more with its TravelMate series. The laptop's 12-hour battery life should also let students get through the entire day without needing to recharge their devices.

Ultra-durable design for kids and classrooms

The Acer TravelMate Spin B3 specs aren't exactly mind-blowing. However, the included Intel Pentium Silver processor should be good enough for day-to-day needs. It should also give the laptop enough power to run the various apps students might rely on, too. The laptop is also equipped with a shock-absorbent bumper, which Acer claims can withstand up to 60kg (132lbs) of downward force. The military-grade material, and the bumper as well, should help make this laptop a bit more resistant to daily wear and tear.

Perhaps one of the more intriguing features of the laptop is the keyboard. This particular keyboard features mechanically anchored keys which help provide more sturdiness to the laptop's design. The keys also feature small wings that help them catch on the chassis when they are pulled. That should alleviate any concerns that students might remove the keys accidentally.

Because the laptop is designed with younger users in mind, Acer also included a drainage system in the body of the laptop. This should allow water or liquids from "moderate spills" to drain from the chassis. Considering a spilled drink can completely ruin a laptop, this feature should come in handy for many students out there with their drinks close to their work areas.

Other important features include a moisture-resistant touchpad and Gorilla Glass display with an antimicrobial layer to help reduce the growth of microorganisms on the screen. That should help make the laptop safer for children to use.