Acer Switch 12 S hands-on: slick, metal, svelte

Chris Burns - Jan 7, 2016, 3:39 pm CST
Acer Switch 12 S hands-on: slick, metal, svelte

The Acer Switch 12 S is one of the most sophisticated looking 2-in-1 Windows 10 devices we’ve seen yet. Here at CES 2016 we’re getting up close and personal with the device, checking out what it’ll mean to roll with an Intel RealSense camera and a 12.5-inch display with IPS LCD tech under the hood. We’ll still have to wait a bit to see the final product before we can judge the innards, but for now, the outsides look and feel pretty great.

Inside of this device is an Intel Core M processor (6th gen), so we’re not worried about this relatively small device being underpowered. Users will have Windows 10 on the notebook and the tablet (it’s both in one) when it launches.

You can see Acer has really stuck to their guns when it comes to extremely thin notebook action – of that you can be certain.

Acer Switch 12 S detailed with Intel RealSense camera onboard

What we’re really interested in here is how well the Intel RealSense camera is going to work when the final product arrives. That and the three microphones around the edges of this device working with Acer’s Purified.Voice tech for clarity. ExoAmp antenna tech is also inside for extra-reliable Wi-fi. We’ll be waiting.

The Acer Aspire Switch 12 S will be launching in North America in February, and it’ll cost you $999.99 and up from a variety of sources.

Photos by Chris Scott Barr

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