Acer smartphone coming Q1 2009

Acer has confirmed it will release its first self-branded smartphone in Q1 2009.  The handset will be co-developed by Acer's own original smartphone R&D team and their counterparts from E-Ten, the company acquired by Acer back in September. 

E-Ten, it has been revealed, will focus on real-time stock tracking devices, a return to its original 1990s form.  Meanwhile Acer will take the lead in smartphone development, with chairman JT Wang predicting the segment will be a significant growth area for the company over the next 3-5 years.

No specifications, pricing or geographical availability details have been released by the company.  However during the takeover Acer did confirm that the device would be Windows based, presumably meaning Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.  Representatives from the company have previously suggested that, carrier partners depending, the first devices will be launched in Western Europe and Russia.