Acer picks AMD CPU for Aspire One 521

AMD and Intel are the two big processor makers on the market. Intel has much more market share and tends to make the better performing, but more expensive CPUs. AMD makes CPUs that may give up performance to Intel, but cost much less to purchase.

Many notebook makers are moving to AMD parts for some of the more budget-oriented machines. Acer is reportedly getting a new Aspire One 521 notebook ready for the market sporting an AMD V105 single core processor at 1.2GHz. The CPU in question is part of the AMD Nile line reports Liliputing and has 512KB of L2 cache.

The machine will support DDR3 memory and only needs 9W of power at full tilt. The machine will reportedly have Radeon HD 4225 graphics and will use the M880G chipset. The machine will be the first ultraportable from Acer with an AMD CPU inside. There is no word on an expected launch date for the machine.