Acer offers up Revo family of media streamer and storage devices

Network media players for the home are becoming more and more popular as the average consumer migrates from physical media to digital media for home movies and other content. As we grow these digital media collections, we need a device to play all that media back easily and a device that is capable of storing that media safely.

Acer has announced a slick looking new media streamer family that includes the AcerRevo multimedia center, RevoView media player, and RevoCenter storage appliance. The RevoView is a multimedia center that is slim and features a wireless remote. The device is capable of streaming HD resolution video and connects directly to your TV. The RevoPad is a wireless media controller that is backlit and has a QWERTY keyboard and a multi-gesture touchpad

Content from several different device types can be played using the Acer Revo including content stored on external HDDs, memory cards, optical discs, and flash drives. The internal HDD in the RevoView is swappable and can be exchanged with the drive inside an Acer M Series desktop PC. The RevoCenter storage appliance has four hot swappable drive bays for storing lots of content within the home.

Image via PC Authority