Acer issues Aspire X1200 HDMI hotfix

Yesterday we posted about an issue some Acer users were having with their Aspire X1200 HTPCs, in which a BIOS update to solve some network card instability ended up wiping out their HDMI support.  The choice many owners were facing was to add an aftermarket network card or live without the HDMI port.  Now Acer has been in touch, with a new hotfix that the say will address the issue.

The new BIOS can be downloaded from the online service center [.exe link]  Obviously it goes without saying that you shouldn't try to install it if you haven't got an Acer Aspire X1200.

Since we don't have an Aspire X1200 on hand, we'd like to hear from anyone who installs the new BIOS and whether it fixes their HDMI/networking problem. Let us know in the comments.